is a Comedy Shock Rock / Metal band based in Adelaide, South Australia. Formed in 2006 by Australian musicians Shawn Montague (KidCrusher) & Peter Because (Purple Johnson Blimp Situation), kCaveMen was originally a one off song skit for a demo mixtape, which then ventured off to cover the Spongebob theme song for the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards. After the online success from the demo singles, kCaveMen went on to develop their first studio album “Gondwanaland” which was recorded in 2010 with a full band line up including: Shawn Montague (KidCrusher), Todd Hansen (The Berzerker / King Parrot), Norwood Grimes (Purple Johnson Blimp Situation), Zeke Sporn (Wintercorpse) & Matt Ford (Darkened Winter). 

The band embarked on an Australian wide tour in 2010 to promote their album and then returned to ice on hiatus. Lead singer (Dong!) aka (KidCrusher) spoke on several interviews [The band is not broken, yet frozen – and shall return when the time is right]. 

From a photographer’s perspective the “default” headliners, South Australia’s Kcavemen – are a dream come true. All crazy make-up and flailing hair and fantastically aggressive stage presence.  From a reviewer’s perspective, however, this is heavy music minus the melody and hooks and all those other things we (should) hold so dearly.  Having said that, if you’re the kind of person who requires nothing more from music than “brutality” and wild visuals, then Kcavemen are YOUR band!  Brutal as fuck, yes…aesthetically pleasing, hell NO.  They prove suitably entertaining for a spell, though by their set’s end I find myself looking for other sources of amusement…

Michael Bowser, Music Vice

It’s like a Cannibal Caveman band just got thawed out in the middle of the sun in Australia, with Horrorcore rapper KidCrusher and Industrial Metal drummer Todd Hansen in one of the most creative collaborations I’ve ever seen bought to life. It’s crazy, it’s funny, it’s KCAVEMAN!!!

KcaveMen – Gondwanaland
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