Gondwanaland 10 Year Anniversary!

Ten years ago (from this post) KCAVEMEN released their debut studio album GONDWANALAND. While this wasn’t the first album by the band, it went through many changes as it evolved into the band today. The original line up consisted of two members and programmed drums, generated as an idea for a band without a band. The two released their self titled album in 2005, followed by a 5 track ep “Return for Snack” in 2006. Some of which include demo versions of “Defrost” , “Spongebob” and others, which were re-written for the topic of discussion “GONDWANALAND”.

2010, KcaveMen finally evolved into a stage band and developed a studio album then embarked on an Australian wide tour. The band recorded and released the album independently. In 2012 the band went on a hiatus, playing their last two shows for Devolved and Toddfest – with a statement that the band is “On ice” and will return in the future.

Fast forward to 2020, the band is back for Evolution.

GONDWANALAND Now Available on VINYL at VictimGear!

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