Formed in the Stone Age and frozen by the Ice Age then defrosted into the year 2005. Dong (Vocals) was born on a raft in the middle of an active volcano, that’s all he remembers, he is a vicious cannibal but a romantic poet. Plop (Drums) was born out of his mothers bum, he smells like poo, he looks like poo; the only thing he really talks about is poo. Linkavitch (Bass) is obsessed with slapping people when they ask questions. Zero (Guitar) loves to scream at the echo in his empty cave.

65 Million Years ago, Australia was connected to the Antarctica, otherly known as Gondwanaland. A rift developed a breakup separating the islands. Many cavemen lost their friends and family but these four cavemen found each other during those dark times, however became frozen without shelter after the “big bang thing” made a lot of noise and fire which destroyed everything. In 2010 Archaeologists discovered a cave deep within the South Australian outback, these four cavemen were discovered and defrosted to be studied however moments later the cavemen killed and cannibalized the archaeologists. Ever since they have been attempting to blend in with the new world while making music about their past life and the troubles with society today and the rules they need to adapt to. Here by leaving you with, kcavemen.

KcaveMen was originally created as a comedy musical skit group which converted into a studio project in 2010 when (King Parrot / The Berzerker) drummer Todd Hansen joined the cave rave. Before their first album (Gondwanaland), KcaveMen was a viral success capturing audiences online through the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards competition in 2006 to cover the Spongebob Square Pants theme song in which they remixed into a metal cover. The song and video gained over 500k views on Myspace, 300k on YouTube and recently gone viral on TikTok. While the band was not intended for a younger generation and lighter topics, doing cover songs to capture a wider audience outside of the more serious spin of the characters has been a plus for the band.

In 2010 they released their first studio album “Gondwanaland” followed by an Australian Tour, they also featured at Toddfest in Brisbane and opened for Devolved (USA) in Adelaide. The band announced they went back in the freezer in 2012 with plans to return in the future.

In 2020 they released a “10 year anniversary edition” of Gondwanaland on Vinyl and then released two new singles “Death From Above” and “The Bone Collector” which came with an announcement of a new album “Evolution” which was released in May 2021 with 18 new songs.


  • KcaveMen (2005)
  • Return For Snack (2006)
  • Gondwanaland (2010)
  • Gondwanaland – Vinyl (2020)
  • Evolution (2021)